Eibau Beer Procession


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Eibauer Bierzug

Tradition and the art of brewing combined

This is the 27th occasion of this traditional event. This year the Feldschlößchen brewery will once again be taking part in the traditional parade with its own horse-drawn brewer's dray. Marching bands and brass bands provide the appropriate march rhythm.

Historic brewery harnesses , powerful and beautifully decorated draught horses, wagons piled high with traditional wooden barrels and proud brewer's draymen are the highlights of the annual Eibauer Bierzug

Thousands of visitors will again line the almost four kilometre-long route from Walddorf to the festival site in Eibau. The parade starts with the traditional tapping of the beer keg in front of the Waldkretscham Gasthaus by political representatives of the state government in Dresden. The impressive parade, with over 90 different participating groups, sets off punctually 10 am. These include the five participating Saxon breweries and a brewery from the near-by Czech Republic who are presenting their different traditions and diversity of beer styles. It goes without saying that during the beer parade samples of beer will be on offer from Radeberg and Meissen, from Dresden and Varnsdorf in the Czech Republic.

Experience this special honouring of the popular barley beverage with a freshly pulled Felschlößchen along the route!

For more information visit:http://www.eibauer-bierzug.de/