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The 11th US Car Convention

At the US Car Convention there is something for all lovers of American cars, trucks, motorbikes and bicycles.

For three days the spirit of American lifestyle will be wafting through the Ostragehege district of Dresden. Fans of American cars, trucks, motorcycles and bikes will be able to truly indulge their passion. The organisers will be again inviting owners of beautiful and rare American cars, trucks and bikes from all over Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and many other countries to come to Dresden. Polished chrome vehicles from many different manufacturers will be on show including examples from Cadillac, Pontiac, Lincoln, Chrysler Ford and Dodge –with everything from vintage classics to the latest models. The event will of course include the appropriate live music and American gastronomic delights. Only the beer has to be genuine Dresden quality. That is why the Dresden Feldschlößchen brewery is supporting this unusual event with beer brewed in the original Dresden style.

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