The Feldschlößchen brewing process

brauprozess wasser
brauprozess malz

Our brewing water comes from the Erzgebirge mountains. This fresh, pure water is excellent for brewing purposes and gives our Feldschlößchen beer its superb, natural taste.

Malt, obtained from the natural germination of selected high-quality barley varieties, is the basis for the unique taste.

brauprozess hopfen
brauprozess hefe

We only brew with the finest hop varieties from the best growing areas. The hops are selected through ongoing quality certificates and that produces the astringent tartness in the taste of our beers. It is not without reason that this is called the "soul of the beer".

The yeast starts the alcoholic fermentation and has a great bearing on the character of the beer. That is why at Feldschlößchen we only use our own pure-bred yeast.

brauprozess maische
brauprozess gaerung

Water and malt are mixed in the mash tun to release the ingredients of the malt. The beer wort is produced after the mash has been filtered (a process also known as lautering).

Fermentation / resting
Fermentation changes the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Fermentation is started by the addition of yeast. Feldschlößchen beers mature during the subsequent cool storage of the ‘green’ beer.

brauprozess wuerze
brauprozess abfuellung

Beer wort
The beer wort is then boiled, clarified in the whirlpool and then cooled. In the middle of this process the hops are added, which give Feldschlößchen beers their special taste.


After several weeks' resting the ‘green’ beer has matured to a good Feldschlößchen. After a final filtration the beer is put into bottles or kegs.